Who we are

Advoker.com is an exclusive but friendly online platform which serves as a one stop station for all your legal needs. It makes professional legal advice/help easily accessible by connecting you with the ‘Top Rated Lawyers’ of any city/court in India – Anytime, Any day, and Anywhere.

We are tirelessly on an endless mission of providing legal help on your fingertips! and make your legal experience smooth and trouble-free, with NO waiting in lines and NO infinite paperwork.

We can be your ‘3 am Friend!

About Us

What we do

India holds 18% of the world’s population and approx. 1.3 million of it are lawyers. Lawyers practicing law in courts on regular basis. So, it becomes extremely important that you choose a right one for yourself, because you know your case the best.
We as a platform provide you the access of over 1000+ lawyers in the country and give you the opportunity to find the best ‘one’ for your case in a few simple steps.
Getting legal help/advice was never this simple!

How we work

Advoker.com provides you not one, not two but 4 legal services.
• Call or write to us your legal query and get the right professional solution.
• Exhausted of searching for the draft of the required legal documents all over the internet?
Your search is now over.
• Call or write to us your query for your case and we will connect you with your dream legal team.
• No more knocking doors for help in your start-up! Advoker, your ‘legal Friend’ is here to give it a well-deserved kickstart and turn it into a thriving business.