Don’t be afraid to claim what’s yours!

Property matters
involve high stakes

Don’t be afraid to claim what’s yours!

Property matters
involve high stakes

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Frequently asked

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It’s a call service where you put in a legal query, pay for the service and we connect you with a legal professional best suited for your case.

Yes. You will receive a confirmation message from our side once you have sent in your query and paid for your consultation, then we will connect you with a lawyer within 24 hours.

Advoker has highly professional and experienced lawyers who are experts in their respective fields of practice. We have practicing lawyers from almost all the key fields of the legal world.

No, you don’t have to choose them yourself as we will do it for you. Advoker connects you with the best suited expert for your case based on their practice area and experience based on our very own Technology Algorithm.

Your call will be automatically disconnected when the time your purchased got over during the call i.e., if you purchased 15 minutes of consultation, then after talking for 15 minutes the call will automatically get disconnected. In such case you can quickly pay again for new consultation minutes, call us and ask for the same lawyer and we will connect you with the same.

In such case, please do not worry and wait and we will give you a call back immediately.

Yes, you can call at any time of the day. As we already mentioned, ADVOKER is your 3 am friend!

You are welcome to avail this service for any issue any number of time and it is completely your choice to either talk to the same lawyer or a new one.